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We do not have to tell you, hear what our families are saying!

Learn from our students and families how we can change the future of education. 

Katy Rose

Founder, and CEO of NLighten Learning.


Thriving not just surviving!

My son was in public school for his entire elementary years. There was not one week that went by without him coming home upset and bruised mentally, physically and emotionally.  He was bullied by peers and staff from 2nd - 5th grade. He was supposed to be supported by his IEP but ultimately the system failed him. His whole 5th grade year he spent away from the classroom with a behavior specialist as it was nearly impossible for him to get through a day without being mistreated and not protected. 

I was desperate to find an alternative to his first year of public middle school. After a lot of research, I learned about microschools, alternative learning, and Prenda. I quickly saw this model was completely different and our chance to break the cycle of anxiety, depression and dread. 
Then I found Katy, and NLighten Learning. We met at her pod learning environment.  My son looked around and Katy was awesome with him and answered his questions and showed us around. When we left I knew my son would not just survive but thrive.  
A week later school started. He was a bit nervous but really excited as he knew he wasn’t being “thrown to the wolves”.  When I picked him up he was tired but in great spirits! Something I hadn’t seen in years at public school. He met the kids in the pod and talked about how they start the day with movement outside. He couldn’t believe they were allowed outside! Getting energy out before learning really worked for him. He told me about things he learned outside and how they were gathering milkweed for the Monarch butterflies that were growing and the kids were a part of learning their life cycle in real time and hands on. 


Throughout the year he wanted to go to school. He worked at his own pace and advanced 2 grades in English learning and comprehension. He made some close buddies which was impossible for him in public school. They built a really awesome fort in the fall and worked on it all year. He was also able to go sledding and bike ride. He learned to ride a bike at school with encouragement from his peers too!  Doing these sort of things gave him confidence 

There were times of course throughout the year where issues came up between kids as they usually do. Katy would contact me to give me a heads up as my son gets very upset at times. He worked through these problems with Katy or an assistant one on one, and sometimes with the other peer and came out with a pretty good understanding of problem solving  instead of being sent to the “office” getting reprimanded.  

My son felt very safe in this environment with less kids and more one on one attention. I believe I have made the best choice for my son's mental health, safety, academics, and for him being taught how to work through his feelings that definitely helped with his behavior. He respects Katy and the Assistants who helped out throughout the year.  

Katy and her pod have been a savior for my mental health as well. I feel confident he is safe and not being bullied and learning in a great environment. We will be back in the Fall. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


Thank you!

We chose alternative learning because after covid my then 4th grader had such bad anxiety she couldn't get past the front door of her public school.

We decided to home school her through that school year but I didn't feel like she was getting the support she needed from a trained professional teacher.


 When we researched other options we found Katy at NLighten Learning.

The program Katy runs had returned my daughter's love for learning.


The small intimate class/school size was less overwhelming for my now 12 year old. There is less pressure and the deadlines are far more achievable for my daughter.


She walks through the doors and can learn again without anxiety controlling her day. Katy and her team are so kind and passionate, and the children feel this and have such positive relationships with her.  She has built up trust and my daughter feels comfortable to talk to her about every day life not just academic goals.


The change in my daughter over the last year was so positive and I cant thank Katy enough, we can't wait to continue our alternative learning path with her again this year.

Heather and Meadow

NLighten Learning is a wonderful alternative to public school.  Small groups that teach more real world skills in a friendly, patient, understanding environment.  Kids can be themselves while also embracing how to get along with others for who they are.  Breaks away from the public school curriculum with teachers that are dedicated to seeing all the kids thrive independently and as a community.  My girls have been attending Katy's lovely microschools since November of 2021 and what a blessing it has been. 

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