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The passion that drives our learning centers

We are an innovative learning experience with in-person learning centers. Students can learn at their own pace, take part in robust enrichment opportunities, be part of a community of friends, and be the author of their educational journey. Our learning centers are designed to incorporate outdoor exploration, and safe comfortable indoor space.  

NLighten Learning was established to provide a creative approach to learning.  We strive to maximize family autonomy, and a personalized learning experience.  As we head into our third year we have grown to serve six times as many children. Our team of passionate coaches and families have experience not only in the classroom, but in health care, arts, music, special needs, and computer science. 

  We pride our selves in creating an environment children feel safe to try new things, and make mistakes. We desire to foster a sincere eagerness in children to explore the world around them. We celebrate the whole child and embrace all of their strengths and weaknesses. We believe all families and children should have the opportunity to access an education that meets all the needs of the family and child.  As more families take charge of their child's education NLighten Learning is providing a network of learning centers to support them. 

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